Student Video-Conference

On 18th June, 2011, under the service-project program of Brilliant Stars School - where the students regularly engage in researching and finding solutions to various problems that are currently inflicting their Udaipur community – an internet video conference call between the school’s students and Dr. T.S. Satyanarayan (Malaria expert, Bangalore) took place. The students are currently conducting a service project on Malaria and the ways to eradicate it from their community. To help them with their investigation, PCI (Pest Control India Ltd., a leader in the pest control industry) organized for one of it’s experts - Dr. T.S. Satyanarayan - to consult with the school children as they needed some professional advice on the topic.



This first-of-its-kind video conference call was organized at the school premises for 90 students of class IV, V and VI along with their teachers. With the help of a projector the students could see Dr. Satyanarayan while talking with him, and with the help of a webcam he too could see the students. The program started with the transmission of a simple pictorial Power Point Presentation on Malaria with live voice-over by the doctor from Bangalore. This was followed by a rich question-answer session.

Interaction with experts by students is a part of their service project program. In the past too, the school has organized for students to interact with leading local experts during projects such as ‘Swine Flu’, ‘Plantations’, ‘Medicine Drive’, etc.  However, this was the first time that the students interacted with an expert from outside the State. One of the purposes behind the video conference was to introduce students to cutting-edge communications programs and teach them how to use it.


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